Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to Yum Yum! Risako

Welcome to 'Yum Yum Risako' a blog dedicated entirely to the 'pudding of puddings' Risako Sugaya.
Officially this is my 4th blog, my other blogs being Wotaku Now!, I love My Maimi and the Hello Perv! (still under construction).
Like any fan boy/girl blog it will consist nothing more than delicious Risako picture spam, my thoughts on her idol career and maybe some fun and games from time to time.
One would think that I have alot of time on my hands to 'manage' 4 blogs ... well no, I have a busy schedule most days and when online I tend to procrastinate alot (amongst other things).
I'm hoping to have my first serious post up within the next 2 days so please check back and add this to your bookmarks or RSS.


  1. Awesome! Risako is pure awesomeness <3 good luck with the blog!

  2. I can't get enough Risa-- SHIROW! With 4 blogs, I'll be fapping to your writing all the time! :D

  3. She's one of the cutest alive! (along with Captain and Airi)

  4. "Yum Yum" says it all! Risako is the cutest in the Hello! herd.